Since 1899…Fine As Can Be Produced

J&K Ingrediebts

J&K Ingredients, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of bakery ingredients for the baking industry throughout the world. We have reached this benchmark, and will continue to uphold it, by:

1. Providing customers with service that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations, and with products that are measurably superior to those of our competitors.

2. Creating the best added value and customer satisfaction available. We do this by employing the most highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable people and by always making them available as a resource to our customers.

3. Always delivering superior and innovative products, service and technical support (at competitive prices) through efficient operations. This allows us to achieve better returns for our customers.

4. Upholding an environment where the top priority is achieving excellence through accountability and honesty. We help our employees to develop their skills and offer them opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement.

​5. Maintaining the highest standard of quality in each and every area that affects our customers.

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