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Boost your pet food's longevity and appeal with our superior mold inhibitors. J&K Ingredients is driving transformation in pet nutrition, keeping freshness intact without compromise. Elevate your pet food game - because your four-legged customers deserve the best!

J&K Ingredients

Serving Up Solutions to Industry Challenges

In the Pet Food industry, navigating through evolving consumer trends, dietary restrictions for pets, and the increasing demand for clean, natural ingredients can be complex. We understand these challenges and are here to help you convert them into your success.


Extended Freshness

Our natural mold inhibitor, SOR-mate, offers a breakthrough in prolonging the shelf life of pet food without compromising its taste or nutritional quality.


Transparency and Trust

With our clean label solutions, meet the pet owners' demand for transparency, offering them pet food products they can trust for their beloved pets.


Catering to Dietary Needs

We're here to support you in meeting the growing demand for natural, organic, and allergen-free pet food, ensuring your products resonate with pet owners' needs.


Sustainability Matters

Our eco-friendly solutions and practices resonate with the rising trend of sustainable consumption, allowing your brand to make a positive impact.

Leverage our innovative solutions to turn these challenges into opportunities, creating pet food products that both pets and their owners love. Experience the J&K difference, where we prioritize your pet food needs.

Our Services, Your Success

At J&K Ingredients, we offer more than just high-quality clean label solutions. We're here to provide a range of services to support your success in the Pet Food industry.


Product Development

We help translate your product ideas into reality, fostering innovation with our state-of-the-art development capabilities.



Optimize your pet food processes and products with our industry expertise and experience.



Every pet is unique, and so are their dietary needs. We offer customized ingredient solutions, designed to cater to specific pet food requirements.


Technical Support

We offer ongoing technical support to ensure seamless operations and success in your business.

Our commitment is to your success - we aim to understand, assist, and deliver. Experience the J&K difference for yourself.

Introducing Our Pioneer Solution for the Pet Food Industry

SOR-Mate™ - our natural mold inhibitor - extends the freshness and shelf life of your pet food products, enhancing their taste and nutritional quality.

J&K Ingredients


A game-changing solution, enhancing the longevity of your pet food offerings without compromising their nutritional value or taste.

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J&K Ingredients

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