Clean Label? We’ve got it covered.

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The trend of clean label did not stop with the removal of ADA. As our sales of Verdi 51, one of our clean label dough conditioners, continue to grow and our technicians remain busy implementing it in the field, we are consistently developing advanced formulas to satisfy the constantly changing needs of consumers. Our clean label product line now consists of over twenty formulas designed to successfully replace not only ADA but also ingredients such as SSL and DATEM. J&K’s unique ability to offer such an advanced portfolio of clean label solutions for dough conditioning, mold inhibition, and shelf life extension is what sets us apart from the rest.

The health-conscious wave of consumers is pushing bakeries and other food companies to the point of total transparency. While simply adding terms like “organic” and “non-GMO” would seem to serve as a solution to satisfy the masses, the internet has opened up every opportunity for anyone to figure out exactly what is in their food. This is why we take the issue so seriously and have developed our Verdi line of clean label ingredients, allowing our customers to proudly and honestly label their food the right way. Some of our Verdi ingredients include things like dough conditioners, flavors, shelf-life extenders, as well as tortilla, cake and bread bases.

In addition to our Verdi products, we have always been ahead of the curve with our Bred-Mate line of natural mold inhibitors that has become a staple in the industry throughout the world. In other words, we’ve got it covered.

For more information on how you can get your hands on a completely clean label, email our sales team at or call us at 973-340-8700.

You can also head over to our Products page to find out more about our Verdi and Bred-Mate lines as well as our other products.

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