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Not only are the trends of Organic and clean label not going anywhere, but their footprints continue to deepen within the food industry. Non-GMO is another topic that has made headlines in recent years and goes hand-in-hand with today’s ever-growing themes of label transparency. According to the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Law (NBFD), packaging in the United States must soon indicate whether the food itself or ingredients within the food have been genetically modified or bioengineered in any way. There is not a set timeline on when this update will officially take effect, but food distributors that sell their products within the United States may want to begin adjusting their packaging to comply with this newest labelling standard.

At J&K Ingredients, we encourage all of our customers to specify their Non-GMO requirements and we strive to meet each and every one of these needs. This is why many of our products have been designed to allow for modification based on each customer’s individual specifications. Because of this, we are largely able to cater to companies who require Non-GMO ingredients within their products.

For over a century, J&K Ingredients has strived to achieve a level of success that comes from our ability to create innovative products according to the needs of the industry as well as the consumers. While the Non-GMO and clean label movements are relatively new, it has become a priority for use to provide as many natural ingredients as we can. For a complete list of our clean label ingredients, refer to our Product Guide or contact our sales team for additional questions on any of our products. We are happy to work with you in accommodating your needs.

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