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National Sales Director





National Sales Director



American Institute of Baking


Jay Hardy is an Army Veteran. From there, he attended the 19-week Baking Science and Technology program at the American Institute of Baking. After completing the course at AIB he continued working as a vacation relief Supervisor for Maier’s/ Stroermann Bakeries, before turning his bakery skills into technical sales position at Novozymes, participating in the development/implementation of enzyme technologies. He then took on a sales leadership role at Danisco, learning and participating in the Bakery, Brewery & Fruit Juice Industries. Moving back into the Bakery, working for BBU in a Co-Pack Manufacturing management role. Then back into ingredient sales management at AB Mauri, before joining J&K Ingredients in October 2017. In addition to his service at these companies, he has also dedicated himself to the Baking industry, as a whole, with various leadership positions including Program Chairman for the ASB, current Board Member of BEMA.

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