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Bakery Technician



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Bakery Technician




Jeff Davis began his baking career at Ottenberg’s Bakers before moving on to Schmidt Baking as a Production Supervisor. He remained in management roles for the next 23 years while working for Northeast Foods including 16 years at H&S Bakery Inc. During his time at H&S he was able to enhance his technical baking skills under the tutelage of Mr. Nick Tsakalos and Mr. John Paterakis Sr. While working for H&S, Jeff obtained his Associate of Arts in Business from the University of Phoenix and became a Certified Baker through AIB. He then accepted the role of Plant Manager at Amero Foods Manufacturing, a bakery and pastry ingredient producer. Jeff was offered and accepted the position of Bakery Technician J&K Ingredients in October of 2020.

University of Phoenix

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